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Information Construction is a unique approach to custom web design.

This approach closely resembles that of building a brick and mortar business location because the principles that guide real world construction are also relevant on the internet.

The process can be broken into four phases, summarized below:

Phase One: Web Design Consultation

This phase involves:

  • research
  • brainstorming
  • and decision making

Phase Two: Blueprinting

During this time we will draw out the details of your project, determining:

  • specific technologies that will be employed
  • resources that will be required
  • and we will also create a project timeline

Phase Three: Structural Development

At this point you will begin to see:

  • basic pages emerge, without graphics or imagery because the focus is on the function of the web site.
  • the navigational structure
  • textual content
  • and dynamic elements such contact pages and shopping carts

Phase Four: Visual and Aesthetic Development

This is when so much of the hard work really pays off because the final web site seems to come to life, almost overnight in most cases.

  • Images and graphical elements will appear
  • Layout and visual appeal will become the focus

We believe in our ability to provide you with a web site that will meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations.

Please give us the honor of speaking with you about your project by contacting us.

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